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06 May 2012
By Iop330


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New track - Ziona Park

6 Replies 256 Views Created 06-05-2012
06 May 2012
By Iop330

Name: Ziona Park

Creator: iop330

Description: Were back in the future for this one road dash though the grand botanical park of Ziona, a futuristic city located on the landmass Andari, Where Arcadia Nova is also found, which would be somewhere in the current Atlantic ocean. This is a simple track with no traps and no alternate routes. Just one fast lane.


Anyways, I wanted to create a simple one route track as the majority of the modnation communiy with their amoeba like intelligence cannot comprehend many of my complex tracks. I was going to make a rally until I saw ath's extreme autobahn and decided I had to create a similar track myself. The track is designed for speed and for a race you can dictate.  Oh I also would like to say that I have succesfully used 5 themes of props in this track, see if you can spot which ones.


ModNation™ Racers.JPGModNation™ Racers_1.JPGModNation™ Racers_2.JPG

 ModNation™ Racers_4.JPGModNation™ Racers_5.JPGModNation™ Racers_6.JPGModNation™ Racers_8.JPGModNation™ Racers_10.JPG


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