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16 May 2012
By atheistsw


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Project: Cinema

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16 May 2012
By atheistsw

                     Project - Cinema


After the fantastic success of our first group project Timeship, we now turn our attentions to the silver screen and set about 'modifying' some of the greatest movies of all-time! After the first project interest was extremely high, so this is a much more grand scale endeavour, with participants spanning across the entire globe, truly a mark of this games' phenomenal global following! :D


Once again OnePoppa has been the driving force behind this whole project, marshalling the troops and making sure everyone knew exactly where they stood with regard to guidelines and deadlines. Also, special thanks to Biver_ for creating a truly remarkable template which (like the Timeship in the previous project), stands as the unifying factor in all of the entries you see here before you.


Well, without further ado, let the show commence!


                                 Coming Attractions




Wizard Of Modz – Based on the timeless classic The Wizard Of Oz, follow the yellow-truck road on a journey of wonder and enlightenment! - OneMama (1939)




Live & Let Die – Stuck on an alligator-infested island? What would James Bond do? - jefferzone (1973)




Orient X-press - Race through the chaotic aftermath of the Orient Express crash. - bentaipei76 (1974)




JAWS OF DEATH  – Loosely based on a film called Big Tooth - about a herring that swam in radioactive human waste and transformed into a man eater that we now know as JAWS OF DEATH! - RADMANROB (1975)




Mod Max - Inspired by the Mad Max trilogy, race through an anarchistic and chaotic future among surviving humans after a global nuclear holocaust. - Biver_ (1979)




The Jazz Sisters - Help Jane & Ellen Jazz save the orphanage by getting the money to the top floor of the court house on time! - MagicalHamster (1980)




Phonehome – Based on the movie E.T, embrace the innocence of this timeless adventure. - OnePoppa (1982)


dad_knows_best & RBH.jpg


Back In Time - Race through the past, present and future as you bid to course-correct history time and again! - dad_knows_best/rainbowhillbilly (1985)




The Moodnies – Investigate the trap-laden underground caverns that lead to an epic discovery of riches! - Itachifox (1985)




Teddy Blade Hands – Based on Edward Scissorhands, take a tour of the neighbourhood and the road up to the top of the mountain where the gothic castle stands! - Meepcow (1990)




*^Warp*Gate^* – A staggering discovery in the present day leads to an incredible journey of discovery to an ancient yet highly advanced civilization among the stars... - Laidbackcat (1994)




Swarm of Insects  – The frontline base of cosmic forces have been attacked by a swarm of insect-like aliens. Your mission is to break through the base of cosmic forces filled with insects and reach the cave that is the home of the enemy. If you finish in 1st, you will be given citizenship. Good luck! - marusarusa (1997)




Snakeland  – Based off of Anaconda (small hints of Snakes On A Plane & Anaconda: Hunt For The Blood Orchid as well). - John31269 (1997)



The Modtrix – The world as we know it is cruelly exposed as an elaborate virtual fabrication as you are thrust into a raging battle between humans and machines and only one mod can save us all… - atheistsw (1999)




Gods In The Public Baths - At the end of the tunnel was a strange town… - big-village_920_ (2001)




Johnny British – Race through some of the funniest and important scenes in the comedy spy film, Johnny English, as Johnny tries to stop England being taken over! - mackAttack8000 (2003)




Troy –  Ancient Greece created an army with one mission… to conquer TROY… but the walls of Troy were too great to be breached… only the trickery of the Greeks got them through… they made a giant horse and hid inside. The Trojans then took this horse inside their gates! The rest is history… prob_alex (2004)


On behalf of this truly global gathering of creative talent we hope you enjoy our community offering, all comments and feedback are very much appreciated. :)


We'll see you on the track!

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