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17 Nov 2011
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Tips and Tricks Tutorial: prob_alex

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TUTORIAL #1 - Scenery

This is a step by step guide for beginners on how to create nice simple scenery for their track...


Step #1 - Using the terrain tool sculpture a small water pool and place rocks... (in this tutorial I only use one alpine rock, but I change the size.)




Add a few more rocks (these are the same rocks just sank in the ground and angled differently)




Now add some color using trees.  I have used one of the jungle trees 1st...




To create a more natural effect use a 2nd tree (alpine in this case) and sink it into the rock just showing the outside leaves of the tree...




Finally add a building prop and mold the terrain slightly to get the desired effect...





TUTORIAL #2 - Advanced Buildings

Here is a rather quick tutorial to show you how to layer your buildings in a way that you create a one off looking structure


Step #1... If you want only the top part of a building showing lower them first... as shown




Next ... if you want a building higher than that of ground level put them in next, this will then remove the water left from the 1st stage but if will rise as high as the building lifted...




To remove this high ground place other buildings (I’ve used walls)  ground height this will pull all the terrain down to ground level..




Repeat this process in other places... I’ve used the bridge for further effect..  The lower bridges I used last as this pulls up the terrain removing all water from the very 1st step




Then add as much building on ground level as you want.. The Blocks are very useful for 1 off creations.




Finally add finishing touches .. E.g. trees.. to complete the look...




Remember... always finish by using the ground floor level prop last... as this moves all terrain that is heightened or lowered to that level.


Tutorial #3 - Floating Islands

This tutorial is the most advanced I have created.. hopefully giving all you creators a few ideas for more tracks!!! I hope! The effect I’m going for is a floating island... but using the main track to guide you. Not breadcrumbs. This allows for a quicker restart once blown up. Not staying on a red screen while the game figures out where to reset you.. (sometimes in a place you get stuck) 


Step #1 - first of all lay out the road you want- has to be a wooden bridge of some sort. The best to use is desert with no side fence.  Notice all the wooden legs sticking down all the way to the floor...




Step #2 - select road style - No Reset Zone - in road styles and delete small amounts only leaving a small bit of the wooden bridge left..  If the patches of bridge left are small enough it will remove the wooden legs from underneath...




Step #3 - you then need your terrain to drive on.. I selected the desert temple floor part as it’s a large floor area. You need to set this so that the wooden bridge parts, sit just below the top of the floor... this means if you get blown up you will reset on the top of the desert floor. Place this all the way along your island




Step #4 ... Select your buildings.. I have used the desert temple parts for this section of my track... note - place highest building 1st. Notice the land rises with the buildings..




Step #5 ...  To remove the raised land sink a building (the desert temple) as low as it possibly goes under the building you want to look 'floating'... make sure your water level has been raised to full. place as many as needed to remove all the ground from underneath.




Step #6 ... Then finish off by using rocks and plants to create the effect of a large floating island!!!  That can be driven upon and also blown up upon with no annoying resets!




TUTORIAL #4 – Waterfall
A quick step by step on how to create a waterfall effect..


Step #1 - place the highest waterfall at the level you want it... this will cause the ground to lift up with it (which you don’t want)




Then place the rest of the fountains underneath.. Always remember to start from the top and work downwards. This will keep bringing the ground level downwards..




Then add large rocks around the outside covering the sides of the fountains... and where the fountains meet in the middle.. Remember not to cover the actual flow of the water.




Finally add the finishing touches.. e.g. plants trees... 




This was created quickly. Take your time is making sure that the water looks as though it is flowing naturally around and over the rocks


Tutorial #4 - Colored water


Step #1 ...  First of all you need to set it to either seaside, alpine or desert as jungle has too dark water.. I’ve used seaside here as I’m going to create an ice effect. Set out your water level and track.. Lower the track so that it is at the lowest point of safety for your kart.. (you don’t die when you go into it.)




I’ve now changed my terrain to light gravel as this most resembles snow




To create different colored water you will need to select either the Lorries or the crates.. as you can also drive on both of these props. Lower them down so they are just below the water level, but above your track level.




Fiery effect.. to get this effect use the red crate... this gives a very nice red tint to the water.



I’ve now attempted to create a lava flow... I’ve done this by sinking the mod balloons low in to the floor so that you can just about see the tops..




Finally finish off the scenery using




This effect can look really really great used in the right way... I did throw this together just as a tutorial so it can look better. Check out my Alp du'Heuz track out to see it used in a track.


Tutorial #6 - Setting a Scene.

This is a basic tutorial for track beginners quickly showing how to set a scene for your race...  First of all find a nice landscape picture.. I use Google lol... find one you like,  here I’ve used a very basic picture just to show you..




So to start off with I created the terrain.. mountains and lake..




Then I created the forestry look in the distance using jungle trees and alpine bushes




I then added a little bit more detail around the edges... using the plants that most suited the look of the scene... 




Finally I placed in the main features.. e.g.. Wooden plank  and boat.. and topped it off with the surrounding scenery...





This is a very very easy and quick way to create a nice scenic racing experience...


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Re: Tips and Tricks Tutorial: prob_alex

Couldn't find an ideal reaction image but I think this post is....


MUST sticky this post

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Re: Tips and Tricks Tutorial: prob_alex

These are all awesome - thanks alex for taking the time!


Quick tip to add - an alternative way to remove the posts under the bridge road types for those that don't know. 

1 - Lay down your main bridge path with the bridge type you want.

2 - Make a temporary branched road (you'll need to budget for this)

3 - Repave the branched road and drive it underneath the bridge - this will cause the posts to go away.  

4 - Delete your branch and the posts will still be gone.  Note that if you repave or repain the bridge they'll come back. 

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Re: Tips and Tricks Tutorial: prob_alex

Thank you for putting all these on 1 large page.. :smileyhappy:     would it be possible to stick at the top? the same as ath?  hopefully more newcomers would find it then..


thank you.

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Re: Tips and Tricks Tutorial: prob_alex

That "Floating Island" tutorial is very handy at times!


The "Setting A Scene" and "Advanced Buildings" tutorials could be handy for me in the nearest of futures as well!

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Re: Tips and Tricks Tutorial: prob_alex

I agree that this post certainly merits the "stickied" status up above!  Well Done and thank you Alex!!  :Thumbs:

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Re: Tips and Tricks Tutorial: prob_alex

This is some pretty legit tutorials you got here! Nice work!....


Now only if there was a video on making all the angles for angled props... THAT would be just great!

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Re: Tips and Tricks Tutorial: prob_alex

Please someone sticky this, it is really well done and helpful.

I may not be the best track creator ever, but with the help from your feedback I can become better! Just download my best tracks (see below) and then follow the links below to leave your feedback. All constructive feedback is greatly appreciated!
Rally Resort - Canopy Ride - The Snake's Lair v2 - Schneevil Rally

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Re: Tips and Tricks Tutorial: prob_alex

Just boosting up.. due to the amount of level 1's  ive seen...  :smileyhappy: Hopefully they will come to the forum. :smileyhappy:

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Re: Tips and Tricks Tutorial: prob_alex

This post is epic. I feel like my level is complete garbage after seeing what you do Alex.
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