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16 Jun 2011
By ModNationSD


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Arctic Career Extension Pack DLC

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16 Jun 2011
By ModNationSD

Arctic Career Extension Pack DLC:
Available Now In The PlayStation Store For $9.99

acrtic one image.jpg

- You’ll have five new tracks to race on and seven new trophies to acquire (5 Bronze, 1 Silver and 1 Gold!).
- Racers will enjoy the 10 new race objectives with lots of new unlockables as well as brand spankin’ new tokens to collect!

- Track creators will enjoy the new Arctic Career Extension creation tools like ice, snow, penguins, and more fun surprises.
- You’ll have over 100 new items in your hands to design with



Penguin Spray, Polar Bear Spray, Snowy Pine Tree, Tree with Lights, Iceberg 1, Iceberg 2, Iceberg 3, Iceberg 4, Floating Ice 1, Floating Ice 2, Floating Ice 3, Floating Ice 4, Snow Building Block 1, Snow Building Block 2, Snow Building Block 3, Ice Building Block 1, Ice Building Block 2, Ice Building Block 3, Mini Ramp,. Snow Pile 1, Snow Pile 2, Big Crane, Statue, Snow Mover, Ice Breaker, Fishing Boat, Chinook Helicopter, Hot Air Balloon, Tent 1, Tent 2, Ice Gazebo, Oil Pipe Fence, Oil Pipe Fence End Post, Ice Block Fence, Mesh Fence, Mesh Fence End Post, Picket Fence, Picket Fence End Post, Picket Fence Gate, Cast Iron Fence End Post, Cast Iron Fence, Lamp Post, Lamp Post Sign, Directional Sign, Urban Building 1, Urban Building 2, Urban Building 3, Urban Building 4, Urban Building 5, Urban Building 6, Urban Market Building, Village Warehouse, Village House 1, Village House 2, Village House 3, Mining Complex, Gas Tower, Village Cannery, Exploration Building 1, Exploration Building 2, Exploration Building 3, Exploration Building 4, Exploration Building 5, Exploration Dome, Exploration Tower, Exploration Buildings Spray, Urban Buildings Spray, Village Buildings Spray, Exploration Group 1, Exploration Group 2, Exploration Group 3, Exploration Group 4, Exploration Group 5, Exploration Group 6, Exploration Group 7, Village Group 1, Village Group 2, Village Group 3, Village Group 4, Snowy Pavement, Dirt Snow, Reset Zone, Default Snow, Ice, Rough Snow 1, Rough Snow 2, Mottled Grass 1, Mottled Grass 2, Ice Tunnel, Iron Bridge, Ice Bridge, Mesh Fence, Cast Iron Fence, Oil Pipe Fence, Ice Block Fence, Wall Ride Ice,


Ice Queen, Frozen Ice Beard, Tongue, Ice Beard, Ski Pants, Longjohns, Thermal, Stitched Thermal, Lumber, Ski, Parka, Speedster, Hockey, Beaver, Parka Hood, Ear Flap, Polar Bear, Slopes, Snow Slits, Full Face, Ski, Building Block 1, Building Block 2, Building Block 3, Arctic Chicken, Ice Queen, Ski Bunny, Snowbank, Ruff, Snowbank Shoulders, Ice Queen's Voice, North Pole, Moose Antler, Studded Tires, Snow Ball, Ice Heater, Ice Pick, Thermometer, Hot Chocolate, Igloo


Arctic Career Extension Pack Gameplay Screen Shots


ModNation™ Racers_187.JPG


ModNation™ Racers_157.JPG


ModNation™ Racers_195.JPG


ModNation™ Racers_193.JPG


ModNation™ Racers_168.JPG


ModNation™ Racers_165.JPG



Arctic Career Extension Pack Creation Parts Images



















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