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10 Apr 2012
By Cmckinney94


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About Round 10.....

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10 Apr 2012
By Cmckinney94

Hey guys.


I know that there are some people out there waiting for me to make the 10th track in the MRL Season. And I just started on working the layout, but then I threw it in the trash and started over, and the same thing happened. To be honest, I've done this to pretty much every single track I've created. When I finish the base layout I then start over for various reasons. For like each track I've been doing this process 3 to 7 times. Also, starting from "Hokuto Valley," I sketched the layout of the track and I try to follow the exact layout on paper, but that doesn't work out, so I have to alter the layout for playablility that's pretty different from my sketches. 


Another issue that I keep that I keep having a creators block is simply, landscape and enviroment. I play a ton of racing games, so take a lot of ideas on visual landscape. There are some ideas that I'm afraid to pull off because those ideas may take up most of my time, or i'm pretty much going beyond what I'm capeable of doing. My biggest fear is that my tracks are so straight and narrow, with no alternate path's, no jumps, and that they would, turn players away. I praise Alkaline Expressway so much because It was something different. It was a track that I didn't have a set plan, I just went ahead and made the base layout and look to a ton of videos for ideas for branching paths. 


So what am I saying here. I need help, on just setting the base layout and keeping myself from starting over from that point. I need advice, should I do a much smaller track, or should I do a longer track? The other problem is.... well look at the enviroment and landscape for every previous track in the MRL season.....


Saiyuki Raceway: A high-speed circuit located a top a lake and next to a wind farm.

Moss City Parkway: A road and street circuit that runs through downtown and the outskirts of a mountain city.

Siannis Motorsports Park: A circuit influenced by the Thunderhead Raceway track in "Speed Racer"

Porta Valara: A mediterranean street circuit influenced by the Porta Corsa scene in "Cars 2"

Royale Park: A technical road course located inside a city park that's literally an island.

Hokuto Valley: A street circuit that runs through a luscious valley of historical temples and monuments

Rockenburg Raceway: A racetrack centered around an ancient castle and is known for it's competition.

Nassau Canyon: A closed road couse centered around a dam, which is influcend by the canyon track in "Split Second"

Alkaline Expressway: A street circuit that centers around a highway that runs in and out of a metropolitan city.



I have no idea on what the landscape is for the next track. If there's one thing that you guys notice about all my tracks is that they're pretty down to earth. All these tracks are not real locations and they're all set in this ficional universe. I wanted to keep myself grounded because I wanted to keep a realistic approach, but at the same time add subtle elements of fantasy to it. I don't know what to do for the next track, so if it's not any trouble, maybe you guys can throw some idea's my way. 


I know this post is long as hell, but I'll end by also saying "What was something that you liked about any one of my tracks? "What was the strength of it?" "Should I work the next track based on my previous tracks or should try to strengthen my flaws on my next track?" I having a creators block and I need a good starting point or a foundation to build on.


Thanks :Help:

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