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blackjet2000 wrote:

invisible hits.

These annoy the hell out of me. At least with a lvl 3 sonic 'instant kill' (as I now call it) or early lvl 3 at least someone fired a weapon at you. But no, with invisible hits, you just randomly die. One of these happened in a room today, I went from 5th to last (the room was 11 to 12 players I think).


On topic, I can't help you at all. Lvl 3 lightning I do what others do, expect lag and hope for the first one, and count how long it lags. For hydras... just shield when they come and hope for the best, that's what I do. If you know there is a lagging hydra bullet and you have run out of sheild, just mine your weapon and let it hit you. On some tracks hydra lag is very bad, on other tracks it never happens.


Oh, one more thing. I did something against a friend yesterday wthat was hillarious. I shielded a hydra, or so I thought, but then a lagging bullet came towards me, so I perposely ran into a purple mine on the track, which made me invinsible for the second the lagging hydra came. I won that race by about half a second, it was hillarious. The point is when a lagging hydra is coming look for another way to die. Or, alternatively, look for a boost recharge. ;)

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