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undercoverbullet wrote:

    You know what Ponce? You are one to talk. You use to cheat all the time. So, shut your trap. As for RISP, I was angry cause he sideswiped me and as friends (the few that I have lol), I feel that shouldn't be done. Another thing, I never leave a room. I am good because I race anyone anytime,; even when they gang up on me. So, I will continue calling out the real hacks and cheaters because they ruin otherwise great games. Do you really expect a cheater to admit it? As for Exobud, when you beat me 5 times in a row without help; well, you know what you are. I have 23000 plus races under my belt and i know all the tricks of the trade. My apologies to RISP who is just flat out a great racer. As for the rest of you, quit being candy asses. Again Ponce, shut your hole!

Let's see... What's wrong here...


Found it!


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I've raced ponce.  I've been beaten by ponce by less than a second (ponce you ass :smileywink:) I've beaten ponce. He's just mad fast so you just need to go faster.  


You shouldn't get mad over a thing in the game.  If you hate sideswipes, you should hate all weapons then.  No one cares that you feel sideswiping shouldn't be done.  You're almost sounding as bad as the people I played in Borderlands when I was Mordecai and I had trespass and one-shot them.


No one ganged up on, or targeted you.  The only time you can use this "Someone was targeting me" crap is when I'm in the room, because I will target you if you complain about anything or anyone in the game.


Good for you, call out the cheaters, but get a discerning eye.  None of these people 'cheat.'  I've heard popular opinion of me and that most of you crazy 'everyone must be a cheater' elites say that I'm easy to beat.  Well I can beat these guys.  I can stay caught up to these guys.  Want to know what I don't see?


Any form of cheating.  Just skillful driving.  Unless one of you crazies gets pictoral or video evidence of these guys 'cheating' you have no basis for your argument other than 'WAH! I lost! He must be cheating! WAH!'


Teal Deer version:

Get the straight shot out of your tailpipe, shut up, create, race, and enjoy.  Or I'll find you, and sideswipe you.




abc123Y wrote:

Kuningaskotka wrote:

abc123Y wrote:

Kuningaskotka wrote:

However I don't think he has ever seen a player actually cheat during his career. He just assumes that every laggy lightning and fast racer is a hack. Because he's top 10 in races played, he MUST be top 10 in skill :xLol:

What ''career''.

"a person's progress or general course of action through life or through a phase of life, as in some profession orundertaking"


Career | Define Career at

Not progress, so course of failure through life?



It may not be progress, but it was a course of action so it might still qualify as a career.  A very poor career, but a career none-the-less.

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