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22 Nov 2011
By ModNationSD


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ModNation Player Profile: Assyrion

21 Replies 1,271 Views Created 22-11-2011
22 Nov 2011
By ModNationSD

logo.jpgPSN ID: Assyrion
(profile translated from French)


What inspires you?
Just my imagination, I like to create circuits that I invent from scratch. Before we get into the creation of a circuit, I imagine at length in my head and when I know about what I do, I start ... but of course I'm depending on what the track editor offers as possible!


Who are your favorite creators and creations? (Tracks, Mods, Karts)
I like the mods well detailed, which shows that their creator has spent time! I especially like the mods Ginsu_Loki02 (Phobos., Divino ...). MACLATIN is also one of my favorite mod creators. For karts I have no preference, really I do not mind too much . For circuits, there are many good creators! I especially like those of prob_alex (Avatar. .. Pandora Mod Kombat - Arena 1 - 3), and those of IndustrialSavior (Magnum Opus Axis Mundi!). I also have a weakness for secondary.pngcircuits marusarusa (Totoro Forest, Prague ...) that I find always great fun to play.


What are your favorite creations? (Tracks, Mods, Karts)
I'm not a good mod and creator of karts, so I can not say that for my circuits! I like my "Rally to Fire Pass", simple circuit, but with beautiful scenery, and the last I've done "Circuit of the Cult."


What is your creating process strong point?
Patience! When I found an idea of ​​circuits, I did not rush to finish it. Sometimes I shape a little bit every day until I'm satisfied.


What Have You Learned from Other Creators?
Thanks to my friends that I play often run free, I learned that it was a good circuit well done, it will help me take my time when I do a circuit, the stage is important and circuit makes it prettier, but above all it is fun to play without much of traps, but not too many "empty" on the road either.


What advice would you give-to newer ModNation Creator?
Take your time when you create a circuit, or a mod ... Ask for help with the creators so they can advise you veterans! Some of them even made tutorials, it can be helpful to start!


Other Interests
I do a lot of football (soccer), I played a long time in the club in my village, and I had stopped because of a broken wrist, but I go back this year! Otherwise I love everything related to computers in general, I studied there, and I am looking for work as a programmer software. Why not one day work in preview_image.pngthe world of video games! (My dream? Participate in the creation of ModNation Racer 2!: Smileytongue:)


Acceleration or Speed? / Drift or Handling?
2 speed, almost always, be it racing or against the clock. Then in the race: one handling (sometimes two) and one or two of maneuverability against the clock (depending on the curves of the circuit)


What type of tracks do you like to race? (Scenic, drift, fast, silly, race-oriented, etc.)
I like circuits where one has the feeling of going fast, not too hard nor too easy, and with good scenery! For cons I do not like circuits with too many sharp turns, because I play a handling and it's pretty tricky to negotiate every time!


Do you "see" track ideas When You Travel?
Not really, just out of my imagination, even if I give to my circuits known names (eg. MONTPELLIE 'Dangerous -> = MONTPELLIE Montpellier, my city) actually invent everything from scratch.


Biff or Gary?
The two go hand in hand, I prefer just a little Gary.


How HAS your racing style Evolved Since you started playing?2.png
I learned that to go as soon as possible, we had to get out of hand again and again! I always used one or two settings drift, but I have since used to manage slippage in handling one or two, and that's what I will soon!


What is your favorite theme creation and why?
The new Arctic theme, I find it very different, the atmosphere of circuits is unique!


What is your favorite track UFG and why?
I'm not a big fan of circuits UFG ^ ^ that's why I rarely do errands or XP series, but hey I like it anyway: great wall, and tourist traps (I've spent time against the clock)


Favorite weapon?
a good vortex before the last big jump in the final round! There is nothing better (special dedication to earlizd1 cheater,: smileytongue:, it'll just kidding!)


Favorite race type (action / pure / time trial / online)
Free shopping, actions or pure, and against the clock (I love to spend time)


Additional comments for player profile:
I want to thank my friends that I play often run free, Jefferzone, deathsmom, meepcow, prob_alex, atheistsw, MrDufus, panpa00 etc etc! But my French friends who still play with them lol but I'm having that championship! NeySander, blaker62, loloic59, Shumon (my teammate!) Sg1488hh etc etc! Not to mention my serious rivals against the clock lol! LuisUxiter, earlizd1, poncedailyown (^-^"), Glaude, salome-yst, wipeout_god, bcCoBHC etc etc!

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