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29 Sep 2011
By ModNationSD


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ModNation Player Profile: Stitchless

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29 Sep 2011
By ModNationSD

logo.jpgPSN ID: Stitchless

What inspires you? 
Many things inspire me, but most of it is from a whim... just on the fly and whats in my head at the time, it helps having a mind swimming with ideas, but its my downfall as well, because it may take me a while to finish something.


Who are your favorite creators and creations? 
Well, I've been here for quite a while, and I have to say that I'd rank athesistsw up at the top, he has quite the handful of awesome tracks, and considering I'm not much of a track creator he really draws me in with his good scenery and well paved yet complex track work, props to him (pun intended, lol).


What are your favorite creations? 
My own personal ones that I made? Well, I have a few, like my most recent mod, Vyktor, I don't do 'racers' very often, so I feel he turned out better than I had hoped, but I absolutely love, Conduit, and Volt, villian vs hero... I love to make unique and stit.pngoriginal creations.


What have you learned most from other creators? 
I've gotten a few tips from other creators, but nothing I haven't found out on my own... again I've had the game since it came out, but have been playing since early beta, so I know my fair share of tips and tricks, unfortunately I haven't really had the need to spred my knowledge.


What have you learned most from other racers? 
I miss the days synophisis (sp?) was at the top of each hot lap, everyday, I would always see him off in the distance, and slowly I would begin to catch up, inch by inch my ghost would scoot closer to his, but never a break.


What type of tracks do you like to race?
I love a track that has a great look and feel to it (nice scenery, plants, etc) but with out sacrificing playability, the race still needs to run smoothly. I hate the auto populated tracks, I love it when I see someone really put some imagination behind what they made.


What advice would you give to newer ModNation creators?
Bear with it... at times it may seem like you're never going to get what you want to work, but if you have enough patience then you'll find a way to get your imagination out, take your time, your finished product won't always end with what you started.


What is your creating process strong point?
Patience, lots and lots of it... I'll take as much time as I need and want to make something, but its my downfall as well, because somethings never get finished...preview_image.png


What are your TOP TIPS for XP Racing?
Learn your corners, know your boundries, and smooth out your drifting skills


Other Interests:
I love creation, its probably my favorite thing in anything, if a game has some type of creation, I've probably played it, alot, lol...


Acceleration or Speed? / Drift or Handling?
Speed, and handling, I use my boost for acceleration, and I'm already a great drifter, so I use handling to help balance it out.


Biff or Gary?
…this one is tuff, I can't really pick between the two, because without one the other is just lame... so both? but if I had to pick one, I'd say... Gary... no... Biff... damn it, no... I'd go with Gary...


What is your favorite creation theme and why?
I've been playing with the winter theme alot, but I'm biased towards it because I myself have an obsession with Penguins, so it takes the cake...


What is your favorite UFG track and why?
Any of the arctic tracks, again, Penguins rule!


Favorite weapon?
Sideswipe... if thats an option... if not, then mines, I love mines, mostly because I'm typically in first when using them, lol


How has your racing style evolved since you started playing?
well, its not so much the racing style thats grown, its my ability to adapt to a situation more quickly thats evolved, because some of these tracks really require quick thinking, and so I believe it would have to be based per track rather than an overall skill.


Favorite race type (action / pure / time trial/ online):
well, anything really, I used to do nothing but Exp Series, but have grown over that long ago, and now mostly play with friends, but most of my time is spent in the Mod studio really.


Additional comments for player profile: 
Thank you for this honor, I would never think I'd get this opportunity, so thank you again...


Keep up the great work guys, everyone has grown so much, and you can see it in the world we've created, I'm looking forward to Modnation on the Vita... can't wait...

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