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17 Mar 2012
By Yasir_Said


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17 Mar 2012
By Yasir_Said

Hi guys, for the most part I am loving the game and trying to recommend it to friends. I went back and downloaded so many(!) tracks and most of them are fantastic (the community selection ones Mark picks out) - except for deep psyche distortion which is riddled with bugs for me, having me and the AI stuck in this weird tower thing for about 10 minutes trying to find a way through...anyway!




Having such an awesome content-filled game is great and having the developers work on the online mode is also awesome 

EXCEPT that the frame-ratey is abysmal and they are completely ignoring it - no annoucements to fix no replies to comments on blogs that mention the problem (every blog that mentions modnationracers road trip).


Every review I have read even mentions the problem:



I could go on but that should be pretty conclusive that the problem with the game exists.

Chances are if anyone reads websites and reviews, they know the problem exists. This is why the silence from modnation devs worrys me. Why not address it if everyone already knows, it's not like it will be new information to anyone, and the mere annoucement that a fix is on the way will encourage people to buy the game.


It should be obvious now that it is a significant issue and severely takes away enjoyment from an otherwise mostly brilliant and a flagship karting game (imo). I understand developers can't be expected to reach 60 fps in every game, especially with how much detail is in the modnation maps and effects HOWEVER when it CLEARLY cannot manage a solid 30 fps (without any extra heavy action) and then proceeds to dip into the teens and low 20s then it is something that deserves to be addressed. The fact that it has been completely ignored is very worrying as I'm sure people are holding out for a fix. Yes online mode and shorter loading times and amazing content is all very well, but when the game has such a glaring problem, perhaps working to fix it (OR AT LEAST announce intentions to do so) before promising to add new content would be reasonable and decent.


Posting this here because these are the official forums, perhaps we have a chance of getting some sort of response to the issue, like whether they even consider there to be one. I am geniuenly sorry for sounding bitter, but trailing the internet for (a response on the topic) information unsuccessfully can do that to you.

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