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Well thanks for the support Tecno! After four submissions I have resigned myself to the fact I will never have a hot lap, but I'm not bothered, I have plenty of downloads. Hot Lap is the perfect opportunity for them to showcase new creators who have no downloads, and give lots of tracks a helping hand up the ladder, but this week seems very lazy to me (and it's not even been changed yesterday and today, so two creators have already been messed about like you were).


And as predicted, the "even better" news about the game today was irrelevant to the forums - we own the game already!

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Re: Modnation Monday Gran Turismo Creator Takes A Test Drive

My tracks: Rugged Rally; Rumble Rally; Stronghold Showdown; Rabbit Hole (UFG Remix); The Mysterious Mega-Metro; Crazy Cavern; Farmer Phil's Farm Frolic; Farmer Phil's Epic Fail (Remix); Pharaoh's Playground; Downtown Derby; Grievous Gorge; Mayhem Manor; Carnage Colosseum