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22 Feb 2011
By prob_alex


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Tutorial - Floating Islands

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22 Feb 2011
By prob_alex

Hello there... this tutorial is the most advanced i have created.. hopefully giving all you creators a few ideas for more tracks!!! i hope...


anyway the effect im going for is a floating island... but using the main track to guide you. not breadcrumbs. this alows for a quicker restart once blown up. not staying on a red screen while the game figures out where to reset you.. (sometimes in a place you get stuck) 


sooo here we go...


1 first of all lay out the road you want. has to be a wooden bridge of some sort. the best to use is desert with no side fence.  notice all the wooden legs sticking down all the way to the floor...


ModNation™ Racers_28.JPG



Step 2 ...   select road style - No Reset Zone  in road styles and delete small amounts only leavin a small bit of the wooden bridge left..  If the patches of bridge left are small enough  it will remove the wooden legs from underneath...


ModNation™ Racers_29.JPG




Step 3 ... you then need your terrain to drive on.. i selected the desert temple floor part as its a large floor area. you need to set this so that the wooden bridge parts, sit just below the top of the floor... this means if you get blown up you will reset on the top of the desert floor. place this all the way along your island


ModNation™ Racers_30.JPG



Step 4 ... Select your buildings.. i have used the deset temple parts for this section of my track... note - place highest building 1st. Notice the land rises with the buildings..


ModNation™ Racers_31.JPG



Step 5 ...  To remove the raised land  sink a building (the desert temple) as low as it possibly goes under the building you want to look 'floating'... make sure your water level has been raised to full. place as many as needed to remove all the ground from underneath.


ModNation™ Racers_32.JPG



Step 6 ... Then finish off by using rocks and plants to create the effect of a large floating island!!!  That can be drivin upon and also blown up upon with no annoying resets!


ModNation™ Racers_33.JPG


Thank you for reading.. hope it helps you

ps... yes this is my new track im creating lol.


Question welcomed


Cheers prob_alex



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