19 Nov 2011
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Hardcore Waves of Mutilation - impossible??? Help!

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Iv'e finished all of the hardcore races except for this one.  I just can't seem to get anywhere near the target time - I'm a good 7 seconds off or so.


I've looked at a couple of youtube videos of the race, but I just can't see where I'm losing the time.  It's such a long race in the first place that there's plenty of chances to lose seconds here and there.


I think I'm losing time when doing the hairpin around the building wth the handrails, for one.  How's that best driven?


Also I've tried a few differnt boost strategies - but still not good enough.  At first I tried making sure I didn't boost until the meter was completely empty, and avoided maxboosting so I could get back on as soon as I was ready.  But then I tried just maxboosting like hell - and counting on the water to cool the truck down asap by the time I could boost again.  Seemed faster.  There's got to be some knowlege of the best way to do this - I certainly haven't found it yet!


I especially get annoyed with this race becuse after doing it a few times the sound gets screwed up and it becomes almost undriveable - this seems to happen on all boardwalk tracks offline.  Restarting the whole game from the xmb is the only solution.  Is this just me?


Any help's appreciated!




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Re: Hardcore Waves of Mutilation - impossible??? Help!

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This is quite a hard ask to complete, as was the Pier Pressure RT hardcore race before any racing truck-empowering updates. At least in this case, the rain is cooling your engine all the time as well as the sea. When on the actual beach areas it's best to stop boosting just before max, then drive through the water's edge (dipping in as little as possible to reduce drag) to cool the engine.


However, I would then usually max out with loads of beeps going down the first main straight towards the hairpin. The engine will then cool  completely for the corner edge, providing you don't get shot ridiculously by the Crazies. In the first lap, the railings can slow you and can drag the left side of the vehicle back a bit to take the corner but obviously this can't be done on the other laps. It's a good idea to use the hand brake, then accelerate as soon as the rig has turned enough round the corner, but trying not to hold it too long. The back straight benefits from maxing out the boost twice then imo.


Hope this helps!


Oh, and I have had the sound problem before on a weekly chopper challenge for Waves

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Re: Hardcore Waves of Mutilation - impossible??? Help!

I think the best advice really is to do TA for this combo, you find out exactly where you are gaining and/or losing time, follow the ghost of a slightly faster guy and once you beat that one, do an even faster time and keep doing that until you are fast enough.
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Re: Hardcore Waves of Mutilation - impossible??? Help!

Thanks! I've finally tamed those waves of mutilation.


Motors, your advice of staying out of the water except for cooling helped  - a lot.  As did your tips about getting around the hairpin w/o losing too much speed and retaining full-boost available for the exit.  Nice. 


Traxx, checking out the slight-ly faster TA's certainly did help too - to show me the better routes.  I'd usually just download the fastest ghost - but then I'd never see it again after the first few corners!  Good strategy to inch one's way up.


So yeah - nothing unlocked, nothing earned - but at least I know I've got "100% special events" now... All good. :smileyhappy:




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