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13 Jun 2011
By ModNationSD


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ModNation Monday 6/13/11: DLC-icious!

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13 Jun 2011
By ModNationSD

modnation monday logo.jpg

ModNation Math 101:
1) Review And Solve The Equation Below (Show Your Work)
                  ModNation Monkeys
                  + Recent spare time
                  x Boatload of NEW DLC! (see below)
                  / MNR Community

                 (see possible answers on key found at end of document)

ModNation Vocab 101:
1) Review And Use In A Sentence: New / Newer / Newest
NEW: Arctic Career Extension Pack
NEW: Pirate Mini-Theme Style Pack
NEW: Late Night Mod & Kart
NEW: Pixel Pixie Mod
NEWER: Western Mini-Theme Style Pack
NEWEST: Big City Career Extension Pack
NEWEST: Prehistoric Parts Pack
NEWEST: Construction Parts Pack
NEWEST: MC Mod & Kart
NEWEST: Backburn Mod & Kart
Moon Colony Props Pack
NEWEST: Water World Props Pack

                  (see possible answers on key found at end of document)

Good luck MNR 101 Graduates Class of 2011!

NEW DLC: Big City Career Extension Pack
The Big City Career Extension is available for purchase in the PlayStation Store on Tuesday, June 14th for $9.99!


Ever had dreams (or nightmares) of racing across city skyscraper rooftops? Yes? WOW! Me too! Small world. Now let ModNation Racers give you (and I) the opportunity to bring those moments to life in tracks like Skyscraper Hop or Tourist Trap. You will probably spend as much time in the air leaping over big city rivers, span bridges, a baseball stadium and beautiful urban parks and you will spend on the clean, nicely paved city streets (more proof that ModNation is truly a fantasy world) so get ready for some racing through some really cool and unique concrete jungles. Watch out for those taxi drivers!

The Big City Career Extension is complete with five new tracks, seven new trophies, new tokens to collect, and over 100 new items to unlock, race, and create with.

Big City Career Extension Pack track (say that five times fast) creation tools include:
3 Inner City Buildings, Motel, Theatre, School, 4 Village Buildings, 9 Urban Buildings, Fire Hydrant, Subway Entrance, Neon Sign, Planter, Bus Shelter, Roundabout, Delivery Van, Bus, Taxi (annoying driver not included), Fountain, Market Stall, Newspaper Stand, Chain Link Fence, Chain Link Fence End Post, Concrete Barrier, Power Pole with Cable, Power Pole, Podium, Iron Fence, Iron Fence, End Post, 3 Newspaper Boxes, Mailbox, Traffic Light, Basketball Net, Lamp Post, Hot Dog Vendor, Phone Booth, Brick and Iron Fence, Brick and Iron Fence End Post, Laburnum Tree, Park Tree, City Tree, Cat Spray (no pun intended), Dog Spray (again. no), Bridge Overpass, Bridge Wire, 2 City Signs, Urban Buildings Spray, Inner City Buildings Spray and Village Buildings Spray.


Kart creation tools include:
Hood Pylon, Derailed Wheel, Subway Seat, Spinner *****, Hood Laces, Construction Seat, Plastic Wrapped Steering Wheel, Hood Zip Ties, Tank Style Steering Wheel, Modern Seat, Bicycle Wheel, Anti-Theft Steering Wheel, Showtime Wheels and Vending Machine Engine


Mod creation tools include:
Flak Jacket, Flak Gloves, Flak Pants, Flak Boots, Fast Food Headgear, Bank Robber Headgear, Miami Blazer, Slick Hair and Baby Seat


Elite Characters:
Modiva – Diva Dress, High Heels, Fishnet Bottoms
Chelsea – Leather Vest, Acid Washed Bottoms, Punk Girl Hair
Street Rat – Tattered Top Hat, Pigeon, Baggy Bottoms


MORE NEW DLC: Prehistoric Parts Pack
Available to purchase in the PlayStation Store this week for $4.99!

Includes: Baby Tyrannosaurus, Pterodactyl, 2 Plants, Leather Hut, Stone Hut, 4 Stone, 2 Stone Ramps, Stegosaurus Ramp Skull Ramp and Bone Fence.


Track Props: Egg Nest and Stone Tires

MORE NEW DLC:  Moon Colony Props Pack
Available in the PlayStation store on June 21st for $4.99.

Includes: 4 Moon Colony Buildings, Launch Pad, Connecting Tube, Connecting Tube Support, Landing Craft, Moon Rock and Mining Vehicle


Dynamic Props: Solar Ramp, Solar Sliding Platform and Mining Vent


Track Props: Moon Rover


MORE NEW DLC: Water World Props Pack
Available in the PlayStation store on June 28th for $4.99.

Includes: Dome Tent, Inflatable Hoop, Inflatable Wave, Inflatable Slide, Pipe Slide, Dip Slide, Plastic Block, Plastic Block Stack, 2 Platforms,


Dynamic Props: Inflatable Log Roll and Trampoline

Track Props: Inflatable Shark and Buoy


MORE NEW DLC: Construction Parts Pack
Available to purchase in the PlayStation Store this week for $4.99!

Includes: Concrete Block, Construction Cabin, Metal Truss, Scaffold Ramp, Scaffold, Dumpster Ramp Rubble Ramp, Pipe Ramp, Digger, Pile Driver, Cable Spool and Big Tire.


MORE NEW DLC: MC Mod - Mod & Kart
Available to purchase in the PlayStation Store NOW.  Mod & Kart are $1.75 or separately for $0.99.



Mod Includes: Football Jersey, Fitted Ball Cap, Fancy Watch, Baggy Track Pants and Unique Mod Voice
Kart Includes:  MC Mod's Kart (SUV Body), Armour Boots


MORE NEW DLC: Backburn Mod & Kart
Available to purchase in the PlayStation Store June 28th. Mod & Kart are $1.75 or separately for $0.99.
asset template master.jpg


Mod Includes: Fire Jacket, Fire Helmet, Fireman's Pants and Fire Boots
Kart Includes: Backburns Kart and Emergency Lights


MORE RECENT DLC: Arctic Career Extension Pack
The Arctic Career Extension is available to purchase in the PlayStation Store NOW for $9.99!


Five new tracks to race on and seven new trophies to acquire (5 Bronze, 1 Silver and 1 Gold!). Racers will also enjoy the 10 new race objectives with lots of new unlockables as well as brand spankin’ new tokens to collect! Track creators will enjoy the new Arctic Career Extension creation tools like ice, snow, penguins, and more fun surprises. You’ll have over 100 new items in your hands to design with! Get to work people!


Pirate Mini-Theme Style Pack
The Pirate Mini-Theme Style Pack is available to purchase in the PlayStation Store NOW for $6.99!

Get your “booty” ready for more fun creating some new swashbuckling tracks with items such as… Treasure Chest, Dodo, Shire Horse, Two Dwellings, Guard Tower, Pub, Shop, Warehouse, Cart, Cannon Platform, Man Cage, Ship Supplies, Jetty, Wooden Crane, Frigate, Dry Dock, Galleon, Treasure Cave, Two Plants, Crate, Capstan, Cannon, Rum Barrel, Submerged Galleon, and Blacksmith.


Western Mini-Theme Style Pack
The Western Mini-Theme Style Pack is available to purchase in the PlayStation Store NOW for $6.99!

Now is your chance to use this phrase (an mean it)…  You and me pardner. High Noon. Your track or mine?”. Purchase the Western Mini Theme now and build your very own wild, wild, west! Yee-haw!


Yessiree! Some More RECENT DLC!
All available in the PlayStation Store NOW!
- Late Night Mod & Kart:
Mod & Kart are $1.75 or separately for $0.99.
- Pixel Pixie Mod:


The “Moddys” Celebrate The ModNation Kart Creating Community
Week two of our celebration brings us to the Kart creators of MNR. We all love to rip up the tracks in our favorite custom made rides. We thought we would spotlight some of our favorite Kart creations that you may not find in your average everyday Kart dealership. Enjoy.  

REMEMBER all of these user generated creations are yours for the low, low price of… ABSOLUTLEY FREE! That’s right! Over 2,000,000 user generated creations at the click of a button FREE! 


…mileage may vary.
































blog winners 5 images.jpg


Next week we celebrate the Mod creations. You’ll have plenty of great stuff to look at in amazement, wonder, fear, excitement, awe, and even quite probably disgust. You won’t want to miss it!

Creations of The Week:


Mod: DeWakka Mung Uhz by Shelbot3001
“The Distant Collector has returned to the MRC with his new camo suit that uses Physi-clone technology to make him appear as a regular human being.”


Kart: LGM Racer by Shelbot3001
“His ship has also been disguised as a racecar to help blend in as it proudly displays the LGM Racing logo and vivid alien graphics with his racing number "51" after the top secret base he escaped from many years ago. “Slide14.JPG


(Shelbot3001 note - there are two tiny dots above the "u" in Mung. Switch to symbols when searching through the download station. Mong & Mung are censored in the game so I used the symbol instead. It's a play on words..."they walk among us")


Mark: “Shelbot3001, you are a Mod amongst Mods!”


Track of The Week:
Desert Rock Resort by Funkee_Monkee4
Funkee_Monkee4 has laid out a beautiful looking beach resort for the weary ModNation Racers exhausted from the long days and late nights of racing or watching E3 demos of ModNation Racers Vita (had to throw that in!). I was very impressed with Funkee_Monkee4’s seamless design using such varied locals as a beach, city and desert. The flow from one scene to the other made total sense and felt like a travel guide tour of his “destination” world. I really appreciate an obviously well thought out track and Desert Rock Resort is just that. Pay for my airline flight and I’d stay there any time! Nice job!




Hot Lap Tracks:
Desert Rock Resort by Funkee_Monkee4
Tuesday: The Inferno SandCastles by StealthReborn--
: Ice Station Zebra by atheistsw
Thursday: Frozenland by Assyrion
Friday: The Opium War by jedicam10
Saturday: Empire Boardwalk by atheistsw
Sunday: Space Station 41 by apricot-jam-IS


pheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwweewwwww….that’s it for this week.


Great job Jeremy!












Answer Key:



ModNation Math 101:
a) OMG!
b) You had me at hello
c) 3 Million Creations?!
d) I need to change my underwear



ModNation Vocab 101:
a) I may have to buy a NEW pair of adult diapers as I will not be getting off the couch with all this DLC
b) We may have to go buy a NEWER couch
c) I am the NEWEST member of the MNRAA



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