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Wow. Just wow. This is nothing short of a crushing disappointment after all this time. Our final reward for all our effort, all our dedication, all our passion, is this: getting cut off from the devs and losing what little support we had received so far.


All hope has been lost. The development team has decided to embrace their heartless, uncaring, unfeeling, all-out greedy nature, abandoning an unique, powerful game in favor of a cash cow. Originality is officially verboten at Sony, it seems.


My heartfelt letter truly has failed to make any sort of impact whatsoever. This game is on death row, and nothing will be able to get it out except for its death.


So this is how this game's journey ends: not with a bang, but with a whimper, as with every passing day more and more lifelines are disconnected and this game approaches its inevitable death.


All those hours we've sunk making the things we love in this game, all the effort we've put in this game's powerful tools, all our commitment has been in vain, because Sony cares not about player satisfaction, only about the money.


It's all over. One less unique game on an industry that at this point is oversaturated with follow-the-leader video games and the same old, tired thematics.


Devs, doesn't all of this make you feel even a little bit guilty for gradually pulling the plug on a game that clearly had a very dedicated userbase? Don't you have any sort of attachment to this game, just like we do?

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Re: ModNation Racers: Whoop, Well Here It Is!

03/2011 - 08/2012. These were some memorable 17 months.
This is the end, my only friends. I'm moving on to other things, as ModNation has given me all it could give.