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29 May 2012
By ModNationSD


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ModNation Racers: Whoop, Well Here It Is!

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29 May 2012
By ModNationSD



Hi all,


Big news this week but first lets get to some of the past week's goodies...


ModNation Racers Road Trip: Track Of The Week:  



ModNation Racers For PS3


Thursday Night Fun Races
Join ModNationSD for an extended night of Fun Races from 4pm – 6pm Thursday, May 31st. Send a friend request to ModNationSD and we’ll add you for the night!


“Hall of Fame” Tracks - Class of 2012

We recently asked the Mod-Nation for their opinion of the five best tracks of the year. It was an impossible task for many (including myself) to narrow it down to 25. Soooo many great tracks created, probably unfair to even ask the question but here are the results…




The Cinema Track Project

Please take time to check out the community initiated “Project Cinema” track challenge HERE. Some amazing creators put a lot of time into these tracks and each one is worth a drive (or twenty!). Check them out HERE.




"Home Sweeet Home" Track Challenge

This track challenge is not over yet but take a look as some brilliant tracks beginning to roll out resembling the creator’s hometown. This should produce some seriously creative tracks. Check them out HERE.



ModNation Racers Hot Lap Tracks:  Shangi-La? by Itachifox 



hmmmm let’s see… masterpiece, epic, beautiful, diverse, stunning and “very good” should about cover any attempts to 
describe this track. Oh yeah, maybe WOWzers!



Monday: Your Decision by Mrs_Ripper171

Tuesday: The Fairest Fairgrounds by John 31269

Wednesday: My Old Can-tucky Home! By AlphaOmegaBreakr

Thursday: Corridon Research 2.0 by dancinglights800

Friday: Trip to..Wait..Where Am I by Meepcow

Saturday: Shangri-La? by Itachifox

Sunday: Favela Fever by ath_racing


Mahalo ModNation
Well all, this sadly is our last ModNation Monday blog post and I offer a genuine heartfelt goodbye as your MNR Community Manager. It’s been a great run but the time has come. I can’t emphasize how much I truly have enjoyed each and every day working with such a great community. I hope you know that I gave you all which you deserved… 110% effort, 100% of the time. I couldn’t be more thankful for having my first (of hopefully many) communities be ModNation.


Two years is a long time for a game’s community to stay as engaged as we have been. Moving forward, this baby is all yours. I know you will honor the game, its history and your fellow community members by keeping the flame alive and strong.

As I was before becoming the community manager, I will be still be in the game here and there as an anonymously player, enjoying all it has to offer. I can’t wait to see what insanely creative Mod, Karts, and Tracks will come out in the future (I’ll five-star them all!).


So… off I go to Maui to sit by the beach and sip virgin Mai-Tai’s (E-rated game) while playing my Vita (yes, I DO love my Vita AND Road Trip). ok; actually I’ll  be at the local community pool overlooking the Tijuana border, dangling my feet in the greenish-yellow “clouded” water, guzzling a case of Hawaii’s famous “red soda” while keeping an eye on the little groms trying to “borrow” my Vita.


I truley wish I could thank each and one of you individually. I mean that. I will miss you all!


The little child in me lives on!


Hope to see you soon!









ModNation Racers for the PS3 - Top Tracks and Hot Lap will be in rotation with all 450+ Hot Lap tracks chosen over the past two years. The servers are alive and well.


The “Home Sweeet Home” challenge and “Project Cinema” series apologetically will not have an opportunity to appear in Top Tracks or Hot Lap. Our sincerest appreciation and again apologies for the timing. They are indeed masterful works!



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