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04 Feb 2012
By Owzat-original


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PS2 Championship Manager (2006/2007) - any fans out there?

0 Replies 2,183 Views Created 04-02-2012
04 Feb 2012
By Owzat-original

A game I play a LOT is CM 2006, I was needless to say disappointed that the username was taken.


Anyone else (still) play it? Anyone need any tips or indeed cheats? Depends what league you are playing in etc, but some are general like signing Saborio from Saprissa for £20k and how to get Saprissa to sell him.


Here's a bargain list for anyone playing in the English leagues (CM 2006) :


CF Saborio (Saprissa/COS) £20k

DM Aguilar (Deportivo Cali/COL) £180k

DF Lavie (Penarol/URU) £45k

RM Blanco (Penarol/URU) £45k

CB Luz (Nacional/URU) £62.5k

RM Ginge (Bohemians/CZE) £10k

CF Neemelo (TMVK Tallin/EST) £9k

CM Kankava (Dinamo Tbilisi/GEO) £10k

CB Olarra (Maccabi Haifa/ISR) £62.5k

LM Gonzalez (Ashod/ISR) £42.5k

LM Semjonovs (Skonto Riga/LTV) £45k

RB Joksimovic (Red Star Belgrade/SER) £145k

CF Brulc (NK Maribor/SLO) £11k


Ought to be a starter to make a good side, many purchasable even with a conference budget. To get some of them you'll need to sell them players, clubs outside England won't sell if their squad "isn't big enough" which is usually 14+. To get around this you can approach to sign goalkeepers, swap deal them with cheap youth team players from the target team and for some reason keepers lessens the problem. If I play as say Brighton I can sell Martin to Skonto Riga, Sullivan to Saprissa and Taylor to TMVK Tallin and they let me buy the three players I want.


Bit harder to get Brulc as Maribor have players out of contract, but if you get a big enough budget together you can buy say Gajdos from Slovakia for £4k, Craig from Northern Ireland for £1.5k and Sultanov from Azerbaijan for £2.5k and exchange them for a youth player from Maribor, I'm sure you get the idea.


If you want to cheat then offer a player for loan, when clubs make offers just change the fee to £20m and they accept and it goes into your transfer budget. Any more than that and it goes into your bank.


You can also "approach to sign" some good players from youth teams like Volpato from Juventus or Eliakwu from Inter Milan. Some good reserve players under 20 drop into the youth team so if you approach to sign Mikes or someone else from Olympiakos of Greece then Siderakis the keeper drops into the youth team and you can then approach to sign him. Usually it happens at the turn of the month.


If your budget is quite low for whatever reason you can line up approach to signs and delay them weekly until the last moment. Even if your transfer budget is zero, if approach to sign signing on fees are pending they will make the budget a minus figure and it comes out of your club budget instead. This is handy in the conference, get lots of gate receipts in for friendlies to cover this or you could take your team into the red.


Also, if signing a player then offer big wages to reduce the signing on fee, preferably to zero. Say I try to sign Anita and Sarpong from Ajax's youth team, I zero out the signing on fee and increase the wage accordingly. They normally accept £650 a week. If it were £100k signing on fee for another player then increase by £1k, there is a rough rule of thumb which might be that.


Once you sign a player look to offer a new contract, this may sound daft but sometimes you can persuade say Volpato to sign on £3900k a week, but if you offer him a new contract you might get it lower with no need to spend any money. I can whittle down a club wage from £180k down to £150k or less without problem, the older the more likely they might want more but see what happens.


And if money is an issue, like it is with Brighton, play away friendlies against big clubs. It may or may not get you good results, but with 20k or even 40k crowds you can get £1m+ in gate receipts.


Should do for now

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