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Re: Demon's Souls - PVP Tips!

Player black phantoms look exactly the same as NPC ones, so if you're in the line of sight you'll be very visible indeed.

If you have any rings that are used to hide from enemies, you'll go invisible to them at a certain range (what that range is, I don't know). Be warned though, any fancy glowy buff effects you have on will not disappear with you so they could still spot you that way.
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Re: Demon's Souls - PVP Tips!

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MusterBuster wrote:


WhiteAlexander wrote:
Black phantoms invading in 1-2, please stop dying at the first crossing with the dragon's fire. :smileyvery-happy:



That was me last night :smileyvery-happy:


My first invasion went very badly. I got owned.


The problem I'm having is that I don't know how much the enemy can see me. Has anyone got any screenshots of themselves being invaded where the BP is visible?


I need to know what I can and cant get away with. I want to be a sneaky sod about it so stealth is going to be really important. I am a thief, after all.


Any pointers?



Use Thief's ring and Cloak spell.  Remove anything that gives you an aura.



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Re: Demon's Souls - PVP Tips!

Dont ever use too heavy equipment in PvP if you cant roll quickly any average BP or guy who you did invade will kill you easily.  And if someone havent noticed yet you can ONLY equip half of you total equip ammount if max 50 you can equip 25 to roll and dodge hits. This is better because parrying drains your stamina so its more efficient to dodge.


Even if you are using shield and rather parry than dodge will get you killed usually. Example mirdan hammer drains stamina very fast and it cant be stoped with shield more than two to four hits after that you are out of stamina and attacker gets you locked and just pokes life out of you.


Good light armors are for male chars Ancient Kings and female chars Binded

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