25 Jul 2012
By shakboy132


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FIFA 13- what's in store for us this time!!

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Hey guys,


Just browsing through the information that has been released about the latest installment of FIFA due to come out on the 28th of September in this part of the world.



Being a FIFA fanatic, i have played every release since 2001 on the various PlayStation consoles and seen it get better and better each year. I am anticipating another significant upgrade especially with the game play as FIFA promises to provide a new attacking intelligence and complete dribbling. If defending was where hell broke lose for you in FIFA12, then things are about to get much more trickier with these upgrades.


I'm also having a look at the collector's edition they have got this year and finding it difficult to decide between pre-ordering one of these or just ordering the game itself. The EA Sports Football Club Bootbag looks handy along with the other goodies.



Lionel Messi, the best footballer on the planet, also makes his first appearance on the cover of a FIFA yearly title. Extremely painful to digest for Ronaldo fans i reckon.





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Re: FIFA 13- what's in store for us this time!!



I personally don't play sports game much as I find them boring..

But on a  good note the EURO games are on in the Winter Sale.

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