05 Nov 2011


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Headset issues

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At the moment I am using my PS3 on my PC monitor with a HDMI to DVI adapter and a 2x RCA to 3.5mm adapter to my 3.5mm headset. The problem is I cannot talk on PSN with this setup and it's kind of annoying. A number of alternatives exist to solve this.


1) Get a USB headset. I can't get a normal PC one, as I wouldn't have any game sounds. Thus I need to pay like $60 for a Turtle Beach P11. Any cheap alternatives?


2) Some kind of adapter to change the mic plug to a USB connection? Ingame chat and sound come through the other plug anyway.


3) BUY A TV!!!!!!!!!!! But that requires money......

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Re: Headset issues

Get a Playstation Eye. It has a a very good inbuilt microphone so allows you to chat and it is also surprisingly useful in its own right.

deader than the ANZ forum :( .
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