23 Aug 2013
By jamiemb
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How to get Open NAT Type?

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Ever since I got a wireless router, my NAT Type on FIFA 13 and COD: Black Ops has been Moderate, and today when I signed on it was Strict. I played a few games online and didn't experience too much lag, but a big thing is my best friend on PSN who has Moderate NAT Type, cannot join my party and I can't join his. When I go into a public game and he joins, we are on the same team but we can't hear each other on our headsets, although sometimes we can hear each other in the pre-game lobby. However when we play with our two other friends we can always hear them!

So I believe I can fix my problem if I get an Open NAT. I put my PS3 in a DMZ but it didn't help at all, just that I never get kicked out of games now. It didn't improve my connection quality.

I have seen people fix the problem with port-forwarding, but I don't really know what it is or how to do it, despite reading a couple of guides. So is this the only way to fix my problem, and how do I do it???

P.S. My router is a 300mbps TP-Link

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