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04 Jun 2012
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Security settings

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I am having trouble with watching a video.


I am being asked to enter my security number, a four digit number.


I half remember giving this feature a cursory glance, & assumed I set the number to something so simple that it'd be impossible not to guess it.


but I can't get it.


I don't even know what the video is, though I'm hoping it's "The girl with the dragon tattoo, which I paid 99p for.


If it's not it'll be the second 99p video I'll have lost out on as the last time I downloaded the 99p video, I clicked it once to see if it had information about the video, but no information, just went to play, I then had 48 hours & I didn't return in that time, so i paid 99p for to be learnt the fact of don't dare to press a button.


If I "Restore system settings will this restore the security password/passnumber? That 4 digit number?


the security settings are at level 9! which I certainly don't remember setting, & the region is set to America, which I most definitley wouldn't have set, so I'm thinking maybe my 4 year old son was pressing randomly and changed the settings and the code...


I don't know, but how can I reset the security code? that 4 digit number code?

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Re: Security settings

If your on about the security number for parental control unless you have changed it, it should be 0000.

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