05 Oct 2009
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How to make a Grief Report

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Welcome to our Technical Help Forum!


Occasionally, when on the PlayStation Network, you may come across a player who makes your gaming experience unpleasant.  Should this happen, please dont hesitate to get in touch with us and let us know.  We have a large moderation team here at SCEE who are here to make sure your gaming environment is a fun and safe place to enjoy PlayStation.


Should you experience any unpleasantness, please fill out the form on this website and one of our team will look into it for you:


You'll need to sign in using your PSN Online ID to submit a grief report.  Alternatively, you can report private messages directly from your XMB menu.  Instructions can be found in this thread


Should you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in contact with one of the moderation team here on the forums.



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