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01 Mar 2011
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I am getting no picture on my PlayStation 3?

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I am getting no picture on my PlayStation 3?
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Re: I am getting no picture on my Playstation 3?

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RabidWalker wrote:
I am getting no picture on my Playstation 3?


Reset the Video Output Settings


If you changed televisions or changed the type of cable you are using, you may need to reset the video output on the PlayStation 3. If this has not been done you may be confronted with a blank screen on the television. If moving the console from one TV setup to another (e.g. HDTV to SDTV for instance) a 'Video Output Reset' will need to be done.


1) Make sure the designated cable is inserted into the back of the Playstation 3 system.


2) Connect the other end of this cable into the corresponding socket on the back of the TV set being used. 

3) While the PlayStation 3 system is in standby mode (red light on the front of the system), hold down the On/Off button on the front of the system until the system goes into standby mode again. (So the light cycle would go from: red light to --> green light --> then back to red light)  This will ensure that you have held down the On/Off button long enough to reset the Video Output Settings.

4) Turn ON the PlayStation 3 and once the system finishes powering up, the Video Output Settings will automatically be reset to the standard resolution (or detect the current display output settings of your TV/monitor).  


Manually Change the Video Output Settings


It may be necessary for you to manually change the Video Output Settings to see a picture. To manually change the Video Output Settings on the PlayStation 3:

1) Go to ‘Settings’ in the XMB home menu.

2) Go to the ‘Display Settings’ icon, then press the X button. 

3) Highlight ‘Video Output Settings’, then press the X button.

4) Select the required cable as the connector type on your display, then press the X button.

4) You will be informed that the console will test the settings for 30 seconds.  Press the X button to "Change" the display of the system. 
Note: If your TV has multiple "Input" or “AV” channels, (i.e., "Input 1", "Input 2", "Input 3", etc.), you may need to toggle through each "Input" channel on your TV to find the correct one that will display the AV Cable picture during the 30 seconds, especially if you do not see a picture.
The system will remain in the selected connector type for 30 seconds.

5) If your display supports AV Composite (the default AV cable that comes with the console) you will see a screen that asks to accept the setting. Highlight YES and press the X button.

6) Select the aspect ratio of your TV (between 16:9 and 4:3) on the next step, then press the X button to continue.

7) The PlayStation 3 will list the settings you have selected.  Press the X button to confirm and save these settings.

8) At this point the PlayStation 3 will prompt whether you wish to "Set Audio Output Settings".


If you continue to have issues getting a picture through your chosen cable output, try the console through an alternative socket on the TV and also a different display to ensure there are no issues relating to the TV/monitor used. :BigGrin:



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