23 Nov 2012
By alabamatick


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No signal through hdmi splitter/switcher

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When my ps3 is connected by hdmi, it works fine, but as my tv only has 1 hdmi port and i also want to connect a freeview+ box i got an hdmi splitter hub and the freeview+ worked fine through it but no signal from the ps3, so i got an hdmi auto/manual switcher hub ...... same problem, in fact there is no signal from the ps3 even if it is the only device plugged into th splitter/switcher, (so i don't think it's a conflict)


Both my hdmi cables work with my ps3 when seperatly connected to the tv (so i don't think it's the cables)


I think the switcher is the same model as a friend of mine uses (with no problems) any ideas ?

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