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28 Aug 2013
By Arsenal-1


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PS3 250GB Slim - Disc Reading problem

0 Replies 277 Views Created 28-08-2013
28 Aug 2013
By Arsenal-1

Basically a problem has come up with my PS3 over the last few days, the problem is that when I put a disc (Any game or DVD) into the PS3 it goes in as normal (Blue light by the eject button and no abnormal noises) but the disc icon doesn't show up on the PS3. I have managed to temporaily fix the problem a few times but once I turn the PS3 off the problem comes back. I have gone into safe mode numerous times and I have reset the default settings (The disc showed up once but since then this doesn't work anymore), I have also restored the system files and it worked again only for the problem to reappear again once I have turned the PS3 off. These are the fixes I have attempted, are there any other ones that I should try in hope of a permanent fix? 


I'd like to think that it is more of a technical problem than a physical problem with the console, although it seems unlikely. :D 

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