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PS3 Dual Display

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Sorry if this has been mentioned elsewhere but i have looked and can't find.


I want to send the PS3 display to the tv in my living room and a tv in my kitchen. I have bought an amplified HDMI splitter so that the splitter is plugged into the PS3 then one HDMI to each TV. Both of these tvs support 1080p and are both full HD.


Last night i set it up but have not yet connected to the tv in the kitchen so even though i want to split the signal at the moment it it going through the splitter into just one tv, while i wait to connect the other tv too. When i turned on the PS3 it told me that the resolution isnt supported and flashes the image up from time to time. I have tried changing the resolution but to no avail, when i bypass the splitter and go in directly it works fine.


Any advise as to what im doing wrong would be appreciated, as i have no idea what im doing wrong



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