31 Jan 2014
By Bilz__


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PS3 disc icon not showing up on XMB

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2 weeks ago my ps3 froze whilst playing a game and when I turned it back on there was no disc showing up. I then researched online that maybe my bluray laser had burnt out. So last week I ordered a laser and a deck and after I installed it into my ps3 my blu ray games started working for about a day and a half which leads me to believe that its not my laser that's burnt out but something else? Also when I put a game into my ps3 using an old laser there would be two clicking noises and an eject sound but now there is no eject sound and only two clicking noises. 


I can't send my ps3 so Sony so please don't suggest it.

I have a 250 GB slim ps3 with the kem 450AAA laser model.


Any help appreciated please?

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