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11 Feb 2013
By: StiitchXtreme


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PS3 freezes after startup login

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Hello everyone,

I have a big problem with my PS3 system.

Last evening I was playing and the game froze when I tried to go back to the menu.

I turned of the PS3 system and restarted, but now i'm stuck on my user loading screen.

1. I turned on the PS3 system.

2. I selected my user to login.

3. It freezes when it is trying to load my user.

I do not get any errors, I tried the safe mode option 3 and 4 (Restore File system and Restore Database) but they did not work.

I don't want to reset my PS3 system because of my memory data, It would be horrible that I lose all my progress in my games.

Is there any solution for this problem?





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Re: PS3 freezes after startup login

Hello StiitchXtreme,

It sounds like your console has developed a fault. If the Safe Mode options have not helped then you can try re-seating your HDD. This means removing and reincerting the drive.

If that fails to correct the issue then you should contact PlayStation Support for further assistnace.


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