11 Feb 2012
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PS3 slim with HDMI = Black screen

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Hi there, I know you are probably thinking - oh god not another one..


I recently bought a PS3 slim and a HDMI to DVI adapter for use on my LG RZ32LZ50 tv (has no HDMI ports, but the DVI port is HDCP compliant. This HDMI to DVI port works fine when using my laptops HDMI out, so I know it is not the adapter..


I have tried and tried for days to get the thing to display through the dvi port but have had no luck. I have tried the 5 second turn on trick and such but this has not worked. I have also tried unplugging tv and ps3 etc as a handshaking issue but still no luck.


I have also tried 3 different hdmi cables, and I know it is not a faulty port as I have tried it on a friends tv as well - worked perfectly without even changing settings. I also unchecked the 1080p, 1080i, and 720p boxes while on my friends tv and tried again when i got back, still no luck!


This is hell, SCART on a 32" is making me feel dizzy and sick and it is just unplayable. If anybody knows of a possible solution apart from scrapping this great tv I would be very grateful..


It is a PS3 slim 250gb with the latest firmware (4.1 i think) .Thanks

Here is one of the cables I have tried:

Here is the adapter i'm using:

And of course the TV: 

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