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29 Dec 2011
By katy-mcdoodle


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Could anyone please help me with an issue with my PS3 playing 3D blu ray films.


I last used the PS3 to watch a 3D film a couple of months ago and since then I havent used the PS3 at all.  We got a new 3D film for Chistmas however when I put the disc in the PS3 it would only display the following screen:


I checked all the connections but everything was OK, so I tried the other 3D film that we have and now that didnt work either.  I then updated the PS3 to the latest firmware (4.0) and it still didnt work.  The PS3 will play normal blu ray films no problem but whenever I put a 3D blu ray in that is the sreen we get.


I have tried new cables both catagory 1 and high speed.  I have updated TV to the latest software - TV is Samsung UE46C7000.  I then tried to download the Killzone 3 3D demo from the playstation store and to then confuse me further that worked fine - displayed 3D perfect on the screen.  I thought that this may have sorted it but as soon as I put a 3D blu ray back in the PS3 and play it I get the same screen again.


Any sugestions please?


Thanks, Kyle

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