05 Dec 2011
By Prof_MadCat


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DNS 80710102 Solution

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Hiya I had trouble with connecting to the internet in that every time I tried it, it showed the error code 80710102 whereby the ip test succeded but the internet connection test failed. I also tried using different primary and secondary DNS numbers with no success. However after opening certain ports I found I could connect again Smiley Very Happy.


I got the ports from calling Sony directly but you can also get them off the internet they are:

TCP Ports: 80, 443, 5223, and 10070 - 10080
UDP Ports: 3478, 3479,  3658, and 10070


(I got these specifically from here which goes into more detail)


Hope this helps people with the same error who found that simply changing the DNS numbers didn't work Smiley Happy See ya

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