04 Aug 2012
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SOE Sony Online Entertainment Payday The Heist 2 Tips

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So yeah i cant really find an offical forum to talk about this to the developers but hopefully the SOE team or anyone will take notice as i think this would highly benfit a sequal to Payday The Heist.

 -So yeah playing it, i really wanted to have the ability to customise our own masks.

 -That your notified that hostages are being free'd but theres nothing you can do so having the ability to move them and and what not would be great.

 -That when playing the First Bank Mission, i was surprised i couldnt close the door or even chain the door shut.

- That hopefully the could take ideas from movies like inside man, point break etc.

 -That i found it annoying the amount of time i had to reload, so actually having clips and not running out so fast would be good.

 -The same with the drill and what not, i found it annoying that they constantly break when id prefer to just wait.

 -That during the mssion where you have to burn the guy out of the van, i though of cutting of his hand, or carrrying him on your arm due to his burns rather than telling him to move every 20 feet.

But besides that i dont think theres much else besides i dont get to chose much wepons from the begining. But yeah if what makes good is kept for the second one then id be happy. Smiley Happy

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