03 Feb 2014
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PS4 system update 1.60 detailed

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New wireless stereo headset for PlayStation 4 revealed, PS4 system update 1.60 detailed


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The next system software update for PlayStation 4 (version 1.60) will be released on

4th February 2014, bringing compatibility support to PS4 for the PULSE Wireless Stereo

Headset (including the GTA V limited edition version) and the original Wireless Stereo Headset.

This means that you will now be able to use these wireless headsets on your PS4 and can experience 7.1 virtual surround sound and voice chat while playing your PS4 games.




Wireless Stereo Headset 2.0 for PS4
We’re also pleased to tell you about a new headset that is coming soon for PS4. The Wireless Stereo Headset 2.0 will be available from 10th February 2014 (market dependant).


This new wireless headset for PS4 features stunning 7.1 virtual surround sound, as well as a crystal clear, noise-cancelling internal microphone for chatting to friends on Party, when playing online multiplayer.


The headset can be used at home using the USB wireless adaptor with your PS4, PS3, PC or Mac for up to 8 hours thanks to its rechargeable battery. You can also use the headset on the go with your PS Vita or with other mobile devices using the included 3.5mm stereo mini jack. With its foldable design the headset is ideal for travel and storage, so when you’re not using it, simply fold your headset up.


Headset Companion App
What’s more, you’ll be able to access custom sound modes to enhance your gameplay, music and movie experience on PS4 and PS3 through the Headset Companion App, available soon from PlayStation Store at no extra cost (also available through an update patch to the PULSE Manager app on PS3).

Make sure you look out for future releases of sound modes that are specifically tuned to enhance the audio in your favourite PS4 games. The first sound mode that will be coming soon to the app is being developed by Sucker Punch for their highly anticipated PS4 exclusive, inFAMOUS Second Son.



In addition, the app also offers a variety of preset audio modes for games, music and movies, as well as a tool to create your own custom EQ mode.


The Headset Companion App will be compatible with Wireless Stereo Headset 2.0 and the PULSE Wireless Stereo Headsets on both PS4 and PS3.


PlayStation App Update – Version 1.6

An update released to the PlayStation App for iOS and Android devices last week, added ‘Live from PlayStation‘ support (among other features), allowing you to browse and launch videos of live gameplay on your phone or tablet via USTREAM or Twitch.


For additional information on PS4 system update v.1.60, including how to update your system, please click here when the update goes live.

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Re: PS4 system update 1.60 detailed

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Meh, who cares about a stupid 7.1 virtual surround headset when I've got Yamaha 5.1ch real surround sound........I'm more interested in inFamous SS  :smileyvery-happy:

20th Ann.PS4-Samsung 3D LED-Yamaha 5.1 Audio [BTG]
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Re: PS4 system update 1.60 detailed

That's next month, gav... unless it is delayed.

*knocks on wood that it isn't*
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Re: PS4 system update 1.60 detailed

Thank you very much!
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