13 Dec 2013
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Receiving REALLY Low WiFi Speeds Through PS4

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Probably my biggest gripe with the PS4 so far is this. For some reason, most of the time my PS4 is receiving a fraction of the WiFi speed it should be. 


My normal internet, as confirmed by a speedtest on my laptop is around 3MBps Down and 1MBps Up. (Awful, I know)

Connection test on the PS4 gives 0.6MBps most of the time with 0.5 Up. 

As soon as I plug in an ethernet it jumps up to around 3 where it should be. 


Maybe your signal is too weak?

- Nope, my WiFi booster box sits less than a metre away from my PS4, just where my PS3 used to be which functioned perfectly. 


Why not just keep the ethernet plugged in then?

- I live in a fairly large house with thick walls. 1 router is not enough and so there is a wifi booster box in my room with an ethernet in the back of it to supply WiFi to half of the house. If I use that cable, then half the house gets no internet :smileysad: 


The weak WiFi combined with the inherently bug-filled and lagfest state of BF4 at the moment is causing a lot of frustration, as I can't always tell if it's my PS4 or the crappy game, but I've had nothing but a terrible experience so far :smileysad:

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