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17 Mar 2009
By Knightmaric


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Problem Solved

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How can I fix this DLNA 2006 error

1 Reply 6,185 Views Created 17-03-2009

Hey everyone.

I'm sorry if this has been posted a million times before and I didn't properly search for the answers.

But I thought i'd possibly recieve a better and quicker answer by posting it in a new thread.

I do apologise if the answer is out there and I couldn't find it.


This honestly beginning to get on my nerves a little.

Normally i'll turn my PS3 on, log onto my profile, it'll sign in straight away and i'll make my way to the video section.
Click onto my pc, go through my folder to whatever i wanna watch, the selection will pop up and WAHEY! i'm watching viva la bam or something.

But over the last few days it's been acting like a retard.
When it lets me choose what profile i want to go onto, sometimes now it's either black or orange.
Sometimes it's green and when it's green it seems to work.

I haven't chanegd anything in my network.
All I did was add some videos to my videos folder on my main HDD so I could watch them on my PS3.
But I after that I got nothing but a nice DLNA 2006 error.

Now and again it will give me the error and I believe that's when the login screen is has an orange bar at the bottom.
When it's black I don't get any error, just no selection when I click onto my PC.


I've uninstalled windows media player 11 and reinstalled it but to no avail.

The PS3 came up with my list of video folders, displayed a few videos in some folders, then failed to even find the other videos in other folders.


I'm using windows xp 32bit if anyone wants to know.

Does anybody know how I can fix this?

I'd be willing to try more or less anything since I prefer watching videos on my PS3 rather than my PC.

I have a Linksys WRT54GS V7. I updated it to the latest firmware the other day to help solve an updating problem.

If any additional information is need please don't hesitate to ask.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks very much in advance.

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Problem Solved

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Accepted Solution
I had this problem too. I believe that most of the time it is due to one or more video files using the wrong codec (or something like that). So what I did was to go into my folder on my PC where I keep all my films and created new sub-folders for each letter of the alphabet and one for numbers (A-Z and 1). Next I moved each film into its appropriate sub-folder.

After this was done I went downstairs and fired up the PS3 and navigated to my original films folder which now showed the 27 sub-folders. Then I went through each sub-folder and identified which ones didn't work (in my case it was the letters B and S) so I knew I had narrowed down the errant films.

Next, I moved all the films in the errart sub-folders to a temp dir (you could then try to access that temp dir which should fail because it contains at least one dodgy film).

One by one I would move a film back into its approriate film sub-folder and see if I could access that sub-folder on the PS3.

When I could no longer access the sub-folder, I knew that I had just moved a dodgy film back so I would remove it and continue the process. After a while I narrowed my dodgy films down to Beowulf and Superfly (I knew that there would have to be at least one beginning with B and one beginning with S).

With those 2 films removed, everything returned to normal.

So the short answer is... you have one or more dodgy films and you need to find them using the process of elimination and then remove them.

Hope this helps

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Re: How can I fix this DLNA 2006 error

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