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How to create a new PSN account on a Playstation Console that already has an account?

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This is the part where I am seriously confused and have no idea what to do or how to do it. Anyways my original PSN account is based in the country/region of Cyprus since i have moved to the UK for studies, am I able to create another PSN account on the same Playstation console? I have bought Fifa 12 but am not able to play online/redeem my password because the region Cyprus is not supported. If there is a way to fix this please go through it step by step because I have gone through some posts with the same issue and it seems that what was said is too complex for me.

Anyways thanks a lot for any feedback.



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Re: How to create a new PSN account on a Playstation Console that already has an account?

As you are living in the UK you can NOW use UK account features

Create a NEW PS3 USER. NOT PSN ID first.


load your original account first.

Now directly under turn of system on XMB there is "Create new user"

This should be directly above your current/old PS3 user.

Create new user

login to new PS3 user.

scroll all the way across to were account management would be.

And you find a sign up to PSN Icon.

Sign up to PSN again. you need a new email but yahoo have plenty.

And your done...


As You are living in UK and using a UK ISP you will now have access to UK exclusive services and content.

Like PSN Movie store, Music unlimited, Love Film, BBC iplayer, ITVplayer. MUBI. and English language PSN store. 

Have fun 


PS most ISP tracked services will be disabled when you leave.

But you can keep both PSN accounts active. For the content you have payed for Both in UK and Cyprus   

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