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Re: NAT Problems, very frustrating.

The problem is you have two NATs blocking internet traffic. One NAT in the Modem, and one NAT in the Router. I have the same setup and it took me a few months to fix it, I used option 2 from the following as Bridging isn't available in NZ.

You have 1 of 2 options

1: Turn on Bridge mode for your Modem and setup your router to correctly handle bridge mode. This will give you NAT2.

2: Your Modem has an IP Address, your Router has 2 IP Addresses. The 1st IP Address uses the WAN Port and talks ONLY to your Modem. You need to give the WAN Port of the Router a Static IP address. When you give the router a static IP Address, use your Modem and put that Static IP into the Modem's DMZ.

For example, your Thomson modem has an IP Address of

Give your Router an IP Address of on it's WAN Port (Or Internet Port as it's sometimes referred to). You will have to give your router a Subnet and Gateway address too.

Find your Thomson Modem's DMZ option and put the address into it.

This will allow your Router to bypass the NAT of the Modem. You are still protected by the NAT of the Router.


This applies to however you do your previous setup.

Your LAN ports (and Wifi) on your router have their own set of IP address designated by the router. You need to set a static IP for your PS3 and put it into your Router's DMZ.

If your Router's LAN IP is (fairly common)

Then give your PS3 a static IP of

Find your Router's DMZ option and put the IP Address of into it.

Clean NAT2 will be your reward.
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