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03 Mar 2009
By hambouga


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cannot connect to playstation network =(! error: 80710B23!!!

0 Replies 426 Views Created 03-03-2009
Hi, before i start.. let me tell you about my networking specifications.

Connection : Internet: ADSL Dial up MODEM , 512 kbit connection (download rate around 60kb/s) . Note : this is not a router.  and i input my username and password for connecting to the net.

                   -PS3 to Pc : by LAN cable ofcourse, i share the the internet with the ps3 by connecting it to the pc and make an option to enable sharing.(that doesnt matter for now)
PC: windows xp service pack 3


I used to have no problems at all with UPnp connection and  playing online.... just had a little problem before with disconnections , till i figured out from forums that disabling upnp will do something.. and it worked. so right now i got media sharing disabled and.. media sharing in windows media player disabled. I connect with the DNS which is from But now.. these days.. am having a new problem... which is not DNS related. I can connect to the internet successfully on my ps3 but not the playstation network.. i think that happened when i did some playing with the mtu in pc. ( and i dun even know wth is an mtu) .  please... any solutions? i havent played metal gear online for soo long! thank you.


extra information:

i live in the UAE and my network settings on ps3 are : ip address automatic, MTU automatic,DNS server (the one from open , upnp disabled, wired connection dhcp hostname...wat else?
OH AND iam 100% sure this doesnt have to do anything with my firewall! i use kaspersky firewall and not windows firewall... 
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