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Don't know how to download a game I've bought

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I have bought a game, I have downloaded the installer about 6 times and I still have no game.  My psp is in USB mode.  I honestly can't figure out what to do next.  I also cannot find the PlayStationNetwork on the XMB menu.  Help me please, I've been at this for around 2 hours!

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Re: Don't know how to download a game I've bought

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Go on your psp, go to system update and make sure you have the latest firmware. If not, update it.


Once fully updated or made sure its current, press right all the way, you'll need to move up or down cant remember which to find the playstation store.


Open the store (via wireless connection if you can)


in the top right hand corner you will find "downloads" icon. no words, just an icon. select that.


In there you should find the download selection for your game.


Or in the home menu, go to "games" and find the installer in there?




Top right, second icon to the left for "downloads"

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