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Little Big Planet on the Go system

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My boyfriend got me a PSP Go, and I absolutely love this unit!


However, when I want to play online, I get the message of  "You need to upgrade your version of Little Big Planet.  Please upgrade from your system patching facility."


There is no XMB on this unit, I have Google searched this problem for the GO system with no luck whatsoever.  I have pressed the triangle button on the game itself, and on the memory card and the internal memory, and nothing shows up for an upgrade on this amazing game.


Please help!!  I wish to play online!


Thank you.

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Re: Little Big Planet on the Go system

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Firststly a Wi-Fi connection is required, so setup your PSPGO for your Wi-Fi connection. After that select the LBP icon on the PSP download, press triangle then select update. The update is 2.05 and there hasn't been any further updates. (Also remember to update your PSPGO to the lastest firmware 6.60)



The LBP PSP don't let you play online with others. You only download the levels other have made, or upload your own level you made. Now if everything have gone good so far, you can try search my user name and download my LBP PSP level :smileyhappy:

My PS3 career don't end in November 2013... Trey for life!

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