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16 Oct 2012
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PSP Comic store closure 30th October.

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Just a heads up if you haven't checked your PSN/SEN account email's recently. Recieved an email recently the PSP Comic Store will close 30,10,2012. 


I suppose this was inevitable with nothing new being added for ages. I presume previously downloaded comic's will still available via download history?

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Re: PSP Comic store closure 30th October.

Awww ;(

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Re: PSP Comic store closure 30th October.

SCEE email wrote:
The Comic Store for PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) available from PlayStation®Store will no longer be available from 30 October 2012 in the following SCEE territories: UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.
After the Comic Store closes, you will still be able to keep any comics that you have previously downloaded. However, after this date users will be unable to purchase new comics from the Comic Store.
Previously purchased or downloaded comics will still be available for re-download until mid-January 2012. After this date users will no longer be able to re-download any previously purchased or downloaded comics. At any time, you can back up your content using Media Go.
To find out more about Media Go, please visit
Thank you for your support of the Comic Store for PSP



Haha, they can't even get the date correct. I'm assuming they mean that the comics will be available for download until Mid-January 2013. So they basically can't even be bothered to 'maintain' a static resource for the benefit of us users, something quite small in comparison to all the data stored for the games released on PS3.


I also guess that whatever Sony had planned for the comic store, because they did say they had something planned, when they announced that no more new comics would be added has also been scrapped based on this information.


I'm glad I didn't buy too many from the store now as this would annoy me even more. I guess it just helps me push towards my decision of going back to PC next console iteration.

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