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26 Jun 2011
By MedianHansen


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Old ps2/ps1 game

0 Replies 394 Views Created 26-06-2011

Hey guys, so I remember playing an old, really awesome game, which I've been unable to find ever, since i played is as approx 11 years.


What i remember:
You controlled something that reminded us very much of snails, though they had various colors.

I remember hte game started off on a "board", whith a lot of gray squares, you were then able to move along the borders of the squares, leaving a trail of your color.

When a squares was enveloped in your color, it would turn around and reveal one of two things, either the square would become your color, and thus providing you with a point, or it would give you a temporary powerup.

Once the time limit had counted down, the player with the most points would win.


I remember three out of 5 worlds:

Some tivoli world

A space world

and a cowboy/wild west world.


I remember having a blast with the game, and would really like to play it again, and thus i would like to know the name, so if anyone knows, please let me know as well! ^^ 

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