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How to download song for Just Dance 4

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I've purchased a song in Playstation Store, but it doesn't show up in Just Dance 4?! Where is it??

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Re: How to download song for Just Dance 4



I do not own Just Dance 4, so I do not know if you have to do something special for bought songs to show up. But I have a few questions for you:


1. Is the game from the same country as the store you buy the songs from? (If for example if your game is bought in the US, then you also need to download songs from the US PlayStation Store)

2. Have you tried redownloading the song? (This is done by going to the PlayStation Store and then going to the "view download" and then clicking on the "downpointing arrow" next to the song - and do NOT ask the console to download the song in the background, since by doing this you manually have to install the song)


If you continue to have problems I would suggest you that you contact Ubisoft, since they are the creators of the game. They might be able to help you faster than what PlayStation is able to. To get in contact with Ubisofts service all you have to do is visit this site.

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