10 Oct 2009


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Guitar hero wireless controller won't sync

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The guitar controller worked for one day. Now it won't sync.

 I press the guitar (slow blink), then I press the dongle (fast blink), then I press the guitar (fast blink).

The lights just blink fast and then goes back to slow blinking.

I have followed the sync instructions and it doesn't work anymore.

I have tried replacing the batteries, pressing the dongle and guitar numerous times, and in different combinations. 

I have restarted the PS3, re-plugged the dongle, tried different slots, turning off cell phone, tried different distance between the guitar and dongle, re-hooking the guitar neck etc. I have updated the database, and as I said, the guitar worked for one day. I cannot change the slots of the guitar, because no buttons work. Both the guitar and dongle light up, they just won't sync.


Any help is appreciated.


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Re: Guitar hero wireless controller won't sync

Are you using a guitar hero world tour dongle or a GH WT dongle plugged into another GHWT dongle cause the guitar wont sync if you do this no matter what you try and do!

I had a problem like this ages ago and the way i managed to get it working was to hold down the dongle button till it flashes rapidly. then while its flashin rapidly press the PS Button on the guitar. and then wait like 3 / 4 seconds. The dongle will then flash slowly, and then press the guitar button again and it should sync. 

Hope this helps


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