01 May 2013
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Adding an .srt subtitle to an MP4 file for my PS3

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This must get asked a lot, but I've seen so many conflicting and complicated answers that I really need your help here...


What is the definitive way of adding srt subtitles to an MP4 so it could be played on my PS3?


I'd like to note here that because of a weak signal I can't use my PC's media server.

Also, I'd rather I could do softsubs like with AVIADDSUBSX than hardsubs, but if hardsubs is the only way, what is the best programme to use?

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Re: Adding an .srt subtitle to an MP4 file for my PS3

The MP4 standard does NOT require support for soft subs, No player to get the MP4 license needs any subtitle support. 


M4V from Apple supports embedded subtitles... but that requires Licensing when used on a retail product.


DIVX standards requires players support soft sub titles this encludes the PS3... NOT Xvid players. The Xvid portable players Ive owned don't contain any sub title features.


M2TS allow soft subs on PS3 but that is even more complex than DIVX


You will not be able to use soft subs in MP4 on PS3.

Due to so many devices that do not provide soft subs play back. You have to Burn in the Subs. With Apps like hand brake...


This also saves CPU power on PC even if you could use a media server as Media server Burn in the subs into the re-encoded stream, any way to get them to show every time that file is played this wastes the PC CPU...




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