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28 Feb 2010


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Audio Delay Help!!

1 Reply 1,797 Views Created 28-02-2010

Please Help!

Searched for so long for answers everywhere, but can not find any help!

I Have my ps3 setup like this...


PS3 Optical Audio Cable - DVD Surround Sound Player

This happens for game sound and Bluray sound

When watching trailers before a bluray feature the sound is in DD and gives me perfect 5.1 with NO delay, when the feature film starts the sound switches to DTS. I get 5.1 but a slight delay on sound, more noticeable on fast action or conversation.

I have tried turning DTS off on ps3 settings to see if film plays in DD but it doesnt! i just get 2.1instead, but I still get 5.1 on trailers playing in DD.

This is when bitstream is on, linear pcm only gives me 2.1

I know what format the sound is because the logos appear on my dvd surround system.


I just want to enjoy a bluray or play a game with great 5.1 surround sound how its meant to be.

My xbox360 gives perfect 5.1 surround sound with no problems at all


I want to believe in the ps3 i do, but i need help!

thankyou muchly for your time :D

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Problem Solved

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Accepted Solution
You only get Dolby Digital. If you select a BD With a DD based audio track And you have to select DD on the BD. The same as you always had to Manualy select DTS on DVD. The default audio track Will be a HD audio - Ether DTS MA, DTrueHD ( The only audio type that can be converted to DD on PS3 ) or PCM 7.1 Did you upgrade your XBOX to HDMI instead of component as well. HDMI Can ADD a Decoding delay to the Picture. Due to all the post filtering the TVs can do.
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Re: Audio Delay Help!!

SIEE PS3/PS4 Beta Tester.

I use Game Capture HD II to capture and upload videos on to youtube
Free Plex app for PS4 AND PS3 out now...

Black screen on PC remote play showing up as windows GPU driver miss match, visit Intell, AMD, Nvidia to change your driver, downgrade of GPU driver may be required.
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