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Audio Delay Help!!

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Please Help!

Searched for so long for answers everywhere, but can not find any help!

I Have my ps3 setup like this...


PS3 Optical Audio Cable - DVD Surround Sound Player

This happens for game sound and Bluray sound

When watching trailers before a bluray feature the sound is in DD and gives me perfect 5.1 with NO delay, when the feature film starts the sound switches to DTS. I get 5.1 but a slight delay on sound, more noticeable on fast action or conversation.

I have tried turning DTS off on ps3 settings to see if film plays in DD but it doesnt! i just get 2.1instead, but I still get 5.1 on trailers playing in DD.

This is when bitstream is on, linear pcm only gives me 2.1

I know what format the sound is because the logos appear on my dvd surround system.


I just want to enjoy a bluray or play a game with great 5.1 surround sound how its meant to be.

My xbox360 gives perfect 5.1 surround sound with no problems at all


I want to believe in the ps3 i do, but i need help!

thankyou muchly for your time :smileyvery-happy:

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Re: Audio Delay Help!!

You only get Dolby Digital. If you select a BD With a DD based audio track And you have to select DD on the BD. The same as you always had to Manualy select DTS on DVD. The default audio track Will be a HD audio - Ether DTS MA, DTrueHD ( The only audio type that can be converted to DD on PS3 ) or PCM 7.1 Did you upgrade your XBOX to HDMI instead of component as well. HDMI Can ADD a Decoding delay to the Picture. Due to all the post filtering the TVs can do.
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