13 Jun 2012
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Recommendations to PS2 Ports

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These are my opinions of what i would like as PS2 ports and i have reasons, if you have any i may add them to the list.


The Lord of the rings: Fellowship of the ring. In my mind one of the greatest RPGs set in the fantasy world of Middle Earth, all of the others were rubbish.


Wipeout Fusion. The best action racing game ever as it included custom upgrades, allot better levels, campaign, weapons, vehicles and unlcok system than HD/Fury.


Jak X. Was ok as a game that led from the Jak series but was extremly fun with friends and an interesting story.


If any of these games get added i will add a strike through to the name and reson. If you want me to add a game then please post a reason and i will also put your name next to it.

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