27 Apr 2013
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Will PS3 get a WWE APP

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The X-box recently got a WWE app for its media section . I was wondering if there is any chance ps3 will also get one as its nearly impossible to watch wwe in England without paying sky your life savings .

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Re: Will PS3 get a WWE APP

Again NOT likely 

The app is not even for UK viewers and is single match PAY PER VIEW.

The APP is currently meant for US only.

Its not even going to be subscriber based its going to be a single fee for a single performance of the Box office content..


With Sky sports sub you get a hole months content of sport... not just one event..

With Now TV sport pass you get a hole day (24hours) of Sport channels content for Less £s than 1 match of WWE...


You don't need a Sky subsription you watch Box office pay per view and the box office price is set up by the content provider (WWE) not Sky, as its the same on cable PPV... It won't be any less on the app...

You do need to own you own house or have a good landlord that will allow Cable or SKY.

The TV box is free on VM (i pay nothing for my VM ondemand box...) if you have phone and Broadband.



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Subscriber Plex app for PS4 AND PS3 out now... free version coming soon...
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