02 Apr 2012
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Delirious Squid Skate Stars

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Delirious Squid has been away for a while, but this week marks its triumphant return! More laidback looks for budding skate stars and streetwise squidsters.

All the delirious ladies will love the Delilah dress and backpack, which comes in Black or Violet. It's accompanied by cute ankle boots and a hairstyle with super-bright braids -- not for wallflowers! Guys can get straight to skating in the comfortable shorts and hooded shirt combo offered up by the tentacled delight! There are also some leather hi-tops and fitted caps to complete the look. Both outfits are available in two colours which can be purchased in bundles.

Show your love for the Squid -- don some Delirious!

Available from the Lockwood Store in PlayStation®Home April 4th.

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